Snow White and the Huntsman (Review)


Held captive by the evil queen, Snow White eventually escapes and forms an alliance with a huntsman that was previously sent to capture her. It is now up to Snow White and the Huntsman, along with a rebel alliance to take back the land and make it peaceful again.


The action and special effects are great. I did find it to be better than the other Snow White film, Mirror Mirror. Chris Hemsworth was great in it as the Huntsman. Though every time I saw him, I felt the need to make a Thor reference.


The movie was too long at around 2 hours. I’ve never been a fan of Kristen Stewart and her acting was still pretty wooden in this. The movie did a poor job at making us care for the characters, I could care less what happened to them.

Now, as I watched the movie, I couldn’t help but be reminded of that whole cheating scandal. That doesn’t influence my rating at all, but I probably wasn’t the only one reminded of that whole debacle while watching the movie.


Fun Fact: Bob Hoskins final role before he announced his retirement from acting.



11 thoughts on “Snow White and the Huntsman (Review)

  1. About what I’d have given this movie, frankly with some stronger direction and a better lead I do think it could have been much better than it was but I do at least whole-heartedly agree that it was much better than Mirror, Mirror.

    • Yeah, if there had been a better lead and director, this could have been one of my favorites of the year. Instead, it was just a decent movie that I didn’t mind watching, but I’ll probably never watch again.

  2. I was eh about this movie. What bothered me most about it though was that it was touted as a new spin or a retelling or what have you and it really wasn’t all that different than the original story. They just drew it out and made it really loooonnnggggg.

  3. Didn’t do wonders for me like I would have hoped for but I still enjoyed myself with this direction and just how damn dark and gritty everything was. However, the story the story could have been a lot better and featured a lot more tension than it initially gives off. Nice review Austin.

  4. Good stuff! This was a really pleasant surprise for me. I have to review ready to post. Maybe it was because my expectations were so low. Regardless I really enjoyed it.

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