Bumbloods (Web-Series Review)

This review is for the web series, Bumbloods. You can watch the episodes on Youtube or their website, Bumbloods.com


Two unlikely heroes find themselves to be among the small number of survivors after a zombie plague has overtaken the nation. Throughout the four episodes, the two find themselves searching for weapons, trying to leave the city and attempting to save fellow humans. All done in a sort of dark-comedic tone.


The acting is surprisingly good for a web-series. I’m used seeing web-series with actors glancing at the camera, trying too hard to be serious. Well that’s not the case here. The leads, Joe Bandelli and Matthew Wise,  also have great comedic timing. It should also be mentioned that the zombie make up is well done, which also adds to the series. The budget is unsurprisingly low, but the creators and everyone who was apart of this, found ways to get by that.

The length of each episode is great, there is no reason not to watch this in one sitting, unless you’re really, really busy. The episodes run about 6-minutes in length, but that includes the introduction and credits. I’m honestly surprised that in about 20 minutes, Bandelli and Wise were able to create an enjoyable, funny and even scary show. They did in 20 minutes what Animal Practice couldn’t do in 6 episodes.


While they tried to work around the low-budget, there are a few problems that are inevitable. Some of the guns look really fake and cheap and after shooting one of the zombies, they can be seen breathing as they lay in front of the camera. Despite these, the “mistakes” sort of add to the comedy and might have been intentional. When you watch this, you probably will be reminded of Shaun of the Dead or Zombieland, which it is fairly similar to Shaun of the Dead. Two roommates battle zombies, but just when you think it’s about to follow those movies, it takes a different turn. Different enough to not be just a remake.

As far as web-series are concerned, this is one of the best. How does it stand up against the other zombie comedies, though? Well that’s what we need to find out. So without further delay, here is the score.

Fun Fact: Just how low was the budget? Well, it came in around $6,000. That’s pretty low for a zombie series of any kind.


10 thoughts on “Bumbloods (Web-Series Review)

  1. Sounds excellent! Just bookmarked their site. 🙂 Also I have watched a whole lot of webseries and there are some amazing ones out there, just gotta weed through the iffy ones.

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