Hot Rod (Film Review)


The son of a small-time stuntman tries to follow in his father’s footsteps as he attempts to jump 15 school buses in order to save his step-father.


Andy Samberg has not changed one bit since this movie. He has a strange form of comedy that seems to work nowadays. The story is stupid, but it’s a comedy, most are. The acting is fine, with great performances by Bill Hader and Danny McBride.


This movie received a lot of poor reviews when it came out. I think if it came out today, the reviews would be more positive as people now seem to follow Samberg and his odd form of humor. The movie has no sort of purpose and it really is only to be watched if you’re bored.


Fun Fact: Will Ferrell was originally meant to be the lead.


9 thoughts on “Hot Rod (Film Review)

  1. Good review Austin. The movie is goofy as hell and definitely made me laugh a hell lot more than I even expected. However, it is really dumb and meant only for people who want that type of comedy going in.

  2. This is one of those movies where I completely acknowledge that it’s dumb but I still love watching it. It helps that my sister absolutely loves it and quotes it quite a lot, lol.

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