Punch-Drunk Love (Film Review)


A man prone to spontaneous fits of anger doesn’t exactly have the most perfect life. From having a horrible group of sisters, to the phone sex operator who keeps bugging him for money, life doesn’t exactly seem to be looking up. That is until he meets a woman to sweep him off his awkward feet.


This might just be Adam Sandler’s best role. He’s sort of awkward, sort of funny and very angry. The supporting cast is also great. You hate the sisters, though you understand that typical sibling relationship. The movie is a little “big” or theatrical in a way, but still grounded in some aspects.

Visually, the movie was fine. Adam Sandler’s blue suit stands out, especially against some of the other colors used. The lighting and sounds was also great.


I didn’t quite like the beginning, I felt it was too slow and really needed to have found its footing a bit faster. I find this, sadly, weighs the movie down a little too much for me. This is another case where the actors give great performances, but the story is just lacking something special. Definitely not a horrible movie, though.




8 thoughts on “Punch-Drunk Love (Film Review)

  1. Probably my favorite P.T. Anderson flick. It’s so sweet, so simple, and so weird in it’s own-way that I just wish more rom-coms were like this and most of all, I wish Sandler would take more roles that stretched him as an actor. Nice review Austin.

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