Warrior (Film Review)


Two brothers, who have a strained relationship, find themselves competing in the same mixed martial arts competition. They both must defeat their opponents to reach the top, even in that means beating their own blood.


Joel Edgerton does a great job as the lead and Nick Nolte and Tom Hardy give great support. Fighting movies aren’t supposed to have so much heart, yet this movie does and it succeeds. Edgerton and Hardy do a great job as brothers who haven’t really been a part of each others lives. Nick Nolte needs mentioning as their terrible father who is looking for redemption as well. This feels like a modern day Rocky, but different enough so it just isn’t a copycat.


The story is a bit far-fetched, which is fine. I know some people hate movies that are far-fetched, though. People also argue that the movie was trying too hard to be the “Rocky of MMA”. So you might also think that if you watched it, though it doesn’t really bother me.

Fun Fact: Joel Edgerton tore his MCL during a cage fight. Tom Hardy broke a toe, some ribs and even a finger. Ouch!



18 thoughts on “Warrior (Film Review)

  1. I re-watched this the other day and enjoyed it probably even more than I did the first time around. One of Tom Hardy’s best performances, although there are quite a number of those!

    • Wow, I don’t remember ever being notified of this comment. I find it funny because I just watched this again over the weekend and I agree, I liked it even more. Tom Hardy is such a great actor, one of my current favorites.

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