Skyfall (Film Review)


James Bond is dead, for a short while. Then he’s back in action and a member of MI6. Tasked with taking down another former agent, must pull out all the stops to make sure he comes out on top.


The action and acting are great and it felt sort of like the older Bonds while retaining the grittiness started by Casino Royale. Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem are great together. Ralph Fiennes is also worth mentioning. The story is great, the most interesting since GoldenEye. I think Daniel Craig just helped cement himself as the face of the franchise. That being said, I still have other favorites.

The ending, last 30 minutes or so, are especially awesome and might make this the best Bond movie ever. I’ll have to let my feelings and opinions sink in over the next few weeks before making that bold claim though.


There was a baby crying at the theater. That was seriously my only issue.

Fun Fact: Kevin Spacey was considered for the role of the antagonist.




11 thoughts on “Skyfall (Film Review)

  1. Good review Austin. I liked Casino Royale more though but this almost lived up to the hype. A decent flick and one of the better Bond movies, but not my favorite of all-time I have to say.

    • Yeah, I think Skyfall was really true to the older Bond movies. Casino Royale, while great, felt like they were straying too far from the original. I think Skyfall took the best of the grittiness and the best of the campiness and made a fantastic film.

  2. This was my first Bond and I really enjoyed it and I’ve actively avoided Bond after catching bits and pieces of the old stuff and being bored silly by them. So yeah. I went and watched Casino Royale and now just need to watch Quantum but that’s all I’m watching because I’ve heard the Bond of old is not too cool.

    • The older Bonds are a lot different, but I still like them. A few of my older favorites are The Living Daylights, License to Kill and GoldenEye, though they are fairly recent. I would avoid most of Roger Moore and any movie after GoldenEye and before Casino Royale, they are terrible and boring.

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