The Crow (Film Review)


Once a living rock musician, a dead man is revived to avenge his girlfriend’s death.


The acting is not the greatest, but it is tolerable. I also quite enjoy the story. It’s dark, violent and a sad movie to watch. Why is it sad? Lead actor, Brandon Lee, was unfortunately killed on set before filming could wrap up. All the unfinished scenes were shot using another actor and you can barely tell the difference. Mostly because they were real quick scenes.


This kind of movie won’t appeal to everyone. I’ve heard it be called “an emo’s paradise”. My first response to that was “people still use the term emo?” There’s little things, like the acting that help bring it down.

Sad Fact: Brandon Lee died from a fatal gun shot wound he inflicted on set.


13 thoughts on “The Crow (Film Review)

  1. One of my favorite revenge movie, I love the tone it set for so many movies after it. I especially saw a lot of influence in the Dark Knight from this, between the disappearing mid-conversation to the joker-like makeup and more

  2. I use the word “emo” to describe my dog all the time. He practically melts into the carpet with it. 😉 Also I hated this movie. Maybe it’s because I didn’t watch it till this year and it was so dated and that guy playing The Crow was such a horrific actor and I was soooo bored but yeah, it was one I had wanted to see and I wanted to punch the guy who made me watch it when it was FINALLY over.

  3. One of the greatest ever. This movie is so bittersweet. Hollywood is as interesting for the “could haves” as it is for what actually happened. The film was so great and probably the breakthrough of Brandon Lee, who unfortunately died in the tragic accident. He had so much charisma and might have ushered in the “new” era of action hero (and lent more credibility for Asian stars; him being half-Asian). It’s sad when you think what his career might have been; sort of like his own father.

    Life’s a bitch…

    Oh, and Michael Wincott is a badass.

    • Yeah, Brandon Lee had a lot of potential and it is very rare for non-white actors to get that shot in film. It’s also sad to see someone who had so much potential die, especially when drugs were not the case. And yes, Michael Wincott is a badass. 😀

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