Sunday Funday Movie Question

What has been your favorite prequel?

This is hard as most prequels are usually horrible. I would say, though, that X-Men First Class is probably my favorite prequel. It’s far enough from the original movies that you didn’t feel like you absolutely knew the outcome and the movie was just plain epic. I loved the characters, the story and Kevin Bacon…I mean the actors. There are other great examples of good prequels, but I’ll let you tell them to me. 🙂

Anyways, I can’t wait to see what you have to say. 😀


8 thoughts on “Sunday Funday Movie Question

  1. Tough question. Mainly because most prequels are terrible and because some prequels often get lumped in the “remake” and “reboot” categories.

    I like TEMPLE OF DOOM though. The recent STAR TREK if that counts.

    X-MEN: FIRST CLASS is one of the better ones. That one was surprisingly entertaining and well put together. I loved seeing Kevin Bacon (an underrated actor) portraying Sebastian Shaw (an underrated villain).

    • Star Trek is great and it sort of works as a prequel, though it also works as sort of an alternate history tale. I liked it though.

      Kevin Bacon is highly underrated, he’s only mentioned as a joke it seems. That new television show he’s going to be in looks interesting.

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