GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra (Film Review)


After a failed attempt at stealing weapons technology, two soldiers are recruited into an elite group of soldiers where they must battle an evil organization set on bringing anarchy to the world.


The movie stays true to the series by making several lines relate to old GI Joe shows and commercials. The special effects were very good. I thought the director did an overall good job with the movie. They found ways to make the movie violent without making it gory.


The acting was pretty poor, with only a few people being good. Channing Tatum was stiff and Joseph Gordon Levitt was barely in it and is not really even worth mentioning. The plot is weak, but entertaining nonetheless. The ending is quite terrible.



4 thoughts on “GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra (Film Review)

  1. Anybody that ever goes into a movie that’s based off of toys and expect something serious, smart, and thoughtful, should be slapped across the face with one of these action figures. Seriously, it’s loud, angry, and dumb, but it’s also very fun. Good review Austin.

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