Actor Analysis: Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is one of those actors who will always be remembered as an action star, for good reason. The man starred in Die Hard which is still remembered to this day. After Die Hard, he appeared in films like Die Hard 2 and Die Hard with a Vengeance…OK there were others too. Most will also remember his role in Pulp Fiction and 12 Monkeys. Those are both two roles that differ from Die Hard. Others might remember his chilling performance from The Sixth Sense, one of my personal favorites. True fans, or just people who watch a lot of movies, will probably also like me to bring up his cameo in Four Rooms. He also appeared in both Expendables films. He also starred alongside Joseph Gordon Levitt in the amazing sci-fi film Looper. His performance was not the highlight of the film, though.

Best Role: 12 Monkeys Die Hard

Why two movies listed? Easy, there is really two Bruce Willis’. There’s the actor, who starred in films like Pulp Fiction and 12 Monkeys, and then there’s the action hero mostly known from Die Hard. With both these films he delivers different performances, both worth mentioning and enjoying. If you’re a fan of Sci-fi, I would strongly recommend 12 Monkeys. Not only is it a great movie, but both Willis and Brad Pitt give amazing performances. He shows off amazing vulnerability and a conviction only present in great actors.

If you love action, you cannot go wrong with the original Die Hard, and if you like that one, be sure to check out the third, which is also awesome. But now that brings me to his worst performance.

Worst Performance: Live Free Die Hard

The movie itself is pretty bad, but his performance is the biggest letdown. Bruce Willis acted more like a superhero than the NY Cop that he played in the original Die Hard. The Unrated version of the film helps a bit, allowing the old McClane charm to peek through, but it still isn’t enough. The film and performance were both weak.


I think I’ve analyzed two of Hollywood’s best actors recently. Bruce Willis is a very adaptable and skilled actor who can do a great many things no matter his age. As more and more action heroes retire, it’s great to see one can still break some necks.




5 thoughts on “Actor Analysis: Bruce Willis

  1. Good point about the two Bruce’s.

    It used to be easy to determine. Action Bruce had hair; serious Bruce didn’t. Now it’s all hairless all the time.

    Also, don’t forget “Moonlighting” Bruce, who was also good.

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