Man on a Ledge (Film Review)


Wrongly convicted, an ex-cop tries to prove his innocence in the simplest way possible, by standing on a ledge ready to jump. With the help of his brother and his brother’s girlfriend, this ex-cop might just have a chance of getting his life back.


The acting is on the better side of decent, but not by much. Sam Worthington, Jamie Bell and Elizabeth Banks are good actors, and I think it might be the writing or directing that led to the decent performances. Either that or the actors just weren’t giving 100% percent. The story is interesting and well executed, though it was a bit dull at some points. It felt like they were building suspense at points and it led to a bit of dragging in the story. The end, last 20 minutes, is pretty good.


Nothing too big in the mistakes department, that being said, there was nothing really good either. I could almost copy and paste the Pros section here because everything is just right down the middle for me.


Fun Fact: The actors were hooked to wires to film all the scenes on the ledge. The wires were either well hidden or edited out.


5 thoughts on “Man on a Ledge (Film Review)

  1. I had a fun time but at the same time, I can’t really lie and say that I didn’t know what was going to happen next. The cast also tries their hardest but I almost felt like they were all second-choices here as well and nobody really rises above the material as the true stand-out. Good review Austin.

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