Once Upon a Time (Season 2 Review) [Part 2 of 3]


With Mary Margaret and Emma trapped in a fairy tale land, everyone in Storybrooke must deal with the spell being broken. That includes an evil witch whose lost her fear factor and a charming prince who misses his wife and daughter.


The new characters have been great and have helped create some interesting storylines. I like the cast as a whole, the ones who returned from last year and the new ones. It was also exciting to see how they were able to make this season interesting despite curing the curse so soon.


The season has dragged at points, nothing too big, but still worth mentioning.


Season (so far): 4.5/5

Season prediction on track? Yes


3 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time (Season 2 Review) [Part 2 of 3]

  1. My roomie and I just watched last night’s tonight – was that the season finale?? They were gone for like 4 weeks and they come back for like 2 episodes and that’s all?? Or is it a winter finale?? Please tell me there’s more in January!!! Also the season has been fun and I think I have mentioned before that I find Hook utterly irresistible. 😉

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