The Town (Film Review)


A longtime thief falls for a hostage his friend took during their recent robbery. Drawn to her, the thief is conflicted with leaving or staying.


The acting is fantastic, especially by Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall and Jeremy Renner. The story is also interesting and kept me hooked the entire 2 hours, which is rare for long movies. I enjoyed the visuals. I’ve never been to Boston, but the film looks exactly like what I imagine Boston to look like, which is a plus.

I honestly think Jeremy Renner should have gotten the Oscar for best supporting as he is really good in this film. The man is from Modesto, California, not even close to Boston, yet for those 2 hours he was James Coughlin, a Boston criminal. I  would mainly tell you to watch this movie for the amazing performances, but there are a million other reasons to watch it.


There’s really nothing that I hated. I did think Jon Hamm’s character could have been fleshed out more. He’s not the main antagonist, or really one at all, because only a few short scenes are there to influence our decisions about him. More screen time would have possibly helped.

Fun Fact: The original cut was around 4 hours.


13 thoughts on “The Town (Film Review)

  1. Great movie here and mainly benefits from the amazing cast at-hand. I think I liked this one a bit better than Argo, just because it fully kept me on-edge pretty much the whole time. Good review Austin.

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