Valhalla Rising (Film Review)


A mute warrior by the name of One-Eye kills his captors and then embarks on a journey with his captor’s son. He soon finds himself among a band of Christian Crusaders. The group soon find themselves in unfamiliar territory.


The acting was great, especially when the lead, Mads Mikkelsen, does his acting without the assistance of one eye and his voice. He was able to show more emotion than half the actors in Hollywood, most likely because they use botox. Nicolas Winding Refn is definitely one of the best when it comes to visuals in a movie. The bleak blues and bright reds are fantastic and intertwined in some spots so perfectly. The violence is bloody and graphic, which is great for those looking for that. There is a scene with some exposed brains and another with some intestines and stuff.


Refn is also known for his great placement of music, but this film is lacking in that department. I didn’t expect anything modern, as it wouldn’t fit with the film, but the music used feels very generic. This movie is about 90 minutes, yet there are too many slow scenes that don’t lead anywhere. This weighs heavily on the film, making it almost a chore to watch.

Fun Fact: There are only about 120 lines of dialogue in this film.


10 thoughts on “Valhalla Rising (Film Review)

  1. after Drive and Bronson I wanted to see this, but I get the feeling it doesn’t quite compare to those films. I’ll probably still give it a shot though, I do love a good violent middle-ages piece

  2. I’m on the opposite side. I loved this film and really enjoyed the subtle ‘Organ’ sounding score. It works on so many levels and inspires the question – what the hell was this film really about? Oh well, I guess its not for everyone. 🙂

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