Analyze This (Film Review)


A shrink is forced into analyzing a well-known mobster who has become prone to panic attacks. Things are fairly fine until the FBI gets involved and the mob starts to turn on the shrink, in a fairly comedic way.


Robert De Nero and Billy Crystal are hilarious together. I was honestly surprised at how much I laughed. The story is pretty interesting and the supporting cast is pretty good too. I’m also surprised by the scenes of sincerity that are intermixed. I’d also like to point out the great performance given by the late Joe Viterelli. I found him very likable in this film and adds a lot to an already good film.


The movie isn’t perfect but the performance make it enjoyable. The wedding sub-plot is a bit weak compared to the main storyline.

004bishopscorecardFun Fact: Martin Scorsese was approached to direct, but turned it down.



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