I Sell the Dead (Film Review)


After his co-body snatcher is executed, his friend and apprentice tells an insane story to a priest before an execution of his own.


The acting is surprisingly good for such a low-budget film, same goes for the effects. The music is also something worth mentioning, it is quirky and really adds to the movie. Dominic Monaghan and Ron Perlman are the two stand out, and they really play their roles well. I must also say that the laughs, while not hard-hitting, are fun nonetheless.

The length is desirable, being under 90 minutes. It’s a movie you can watch late at night when you’re tired but still looking for an entertaining film to watch before you gently drift off to sleep. Also, the ending was pretty great.


Like I said, the film low-budget and at points it shows. If you’re expecting a big budget film, look elsewhere. It’s nowhere near a perfect film, but worth a watch if you’re into dark comedy with creepy, sort of scary scenes. It’s a bit predictable at points, but don’t let that spoil the fun.


Fun Fact: A graphic novel was later released after the film.



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