Malice In Wonderland


This is a modern take on the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland set in the North East of England.


The witty title and interesting poster was what ultimately got me to watch this. The visuals are nice, for the most part.


The acting is poor and forgettable. Well, actually, the whole movie is forgettable. It just seems to drag on and on and the movie is only 80 minutes. I’ve seen a lot of movies, and while this isn’t the worst, this isn’t a movie I would ever recommend. Ugh, I feel like I wasted 80 minutes of my life.

001bishopscoreboardFun Fact: The film was originally called Malice in Sunderland.




6 thoughts on “Malice In Wonderland

  1. Too many puns! Screenwriters must think they’re so witty when they’re coming up with these. Good to know to avoid this one, appreciate you taking the bullet for us 🙂

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