Chaplin: The Movie (Film Review)


This film follows Charles Chaplin from the time of a young boy to his career as an actor and some of the stuff after.


The acting in this film is superb and this is quite possibly Robert Downey Jr.’s best performance ever, it’s that good. Biopics typically don’t interest me too much, they sometimes get stale or boring, but this is quite the opposite  I was hooked from the first minute and practically didn’t blink until the end credits rolled. The ending lead to an incredible release of emotion, which means I cried. Yeah yeah yeah, I’m a man whose not afraid to admit he cried. Just don’t tell anyone, alright? The ensemble cast was also great, though there are too many names to really say. No seriously, there’s a lot.


Chaplin is a movie that gives many truths, and not all of them you want to know. I’m surely surprised with all I’ve found out, this really isn’t a bad thing, I just don’t think of Charlie Chaplin the same way again. This movie really humanizes him. Also, why does Robert Downey Jr. always play a British guy?

045Fun Fact: Geraldine Chaplin played her real-life grandmother in this film.




4 thoughts on “Chaplin: The Movie (Film Review)

  1. RDJ is my absolute favourite actor and this movie just lets him shine! 🙂 Great review, but as someone who has watched all of his movies, I can tell you, he doesn’t always play British guys 🙂

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