Being John Malkovich (Film Review)


A struggling puppeteer finds himself making the greatest discovery ever, a door that takes you into John Malkovich. But with this find comes terrible concequences, including him possibly ending his marriage.


The movie’s quirkiness works really well and the acting by John Cusack and Cameron Diaz is great. I also like Catherine Keener and John Malkovich, who is always fantastic. I felt the movie was very simplistic which worked in its favor. I’ve now seen two Spike Jonze films, and this is clearly the better of the two. But that really isn’t saying much.


While I enjoyed the movie, I don’t think I enjoyed it enough for repeat viewings. I also felt it dragged a bit in the middle, nothing too bad though.


Fun Fact: John Malkovich plays John Horatio Malkovich. Horatio isn’t his middle name, it’s Gavin.



7 thoughts on “Being John Malkovich (Film Review)

    • Yeah, I had been wanting to check this out for years. It seemed every conversation I’ve ever had has brought this film up at some point, so now I don’t have to make a weird face and say I’ve never seen it. I might be exaggerating a tad bit with the whole “every conversation” bit, but a lot of people seem to have seen this movie.

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