Daily Prompt: Saturday Morning Me Time

If you’re interested, check out the daily prompt. Or you can just read what it is…What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

So what is my ideal Saturday morning? Well my ideal Saturday involves me getting up around 9am or even 10am. Why? This is my time to sleep, and I typically stay up all night watching films, playing video games or reading books. (I do it for you, people, I do it for you! :P) So anyways, after that I like to take a shower and then go on my laptop to check what’s going on in the world. Lucky for me, most of the world is awake by now so I have things to read and people to talk to. After a while, I start writing one or two reviews for the upcoming week and I eventually will find myself doing something random, something crazy…

How is my morning today? Pretty much the same, though I got up at 8am and I haven’t taken a shower (Gross, I know). Also, I’m not writing a review right now because I’m writing this, hope everyone can forgive me. Anyways, that’s my ideal Saturday and how my morning is going so far. Hope you’re having a good day. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Saturday Morning Me Time

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