Take Me Home Tonight (Film Review)


Four years after high school, a recent college grad finds his sister’s boyfriend’s party to be the best way to hook up with his high school crush.


This movie is so much more than the plot. I fell in love with the characters, the actors and most of all, the message. Basically, the movie, in a nutshell, is about a guy who is beginning to grow tired of lying to himself, and in that one night, all of it will go away. Topher Grace and Teresa Palmer I thought were great together and Dan Fogler was perfect as the best friend. I must credit Topher Grace the most though, because the only other thing I’ve really seen him in was Spider-man 3. Yikes. In this movie, he provided a great comic timing that worked well with Fogler, and a surprising sincerity that made the serious scenes just work so well.

There are so many little sub-plots in here and I love them all. There’s problems between siblings, relationship issues and letting go of all your insecurities. Best of all, it’s a pretty funny comedy.


There is an age limit to this, meaning not for the young and you’ll probably hate it if you’re too old. How old is too old? I’m not sure. It isn’t completely accurate to the 80’s or so I’ve heard. It was fairly predictable, but did take a few unexpected turns.

045Fun Fact: The movie took 4 years to be released, mostly due to the film’s showing of cocaine.





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