Django Unchained (Film Review)


A slave by the name of Django, the ‘D’ is silent, is promised freedom by a German dentist/bounty hunter if he can help find three slavers who are wanted dead or alive. Afterward, the two become a team, killing all sorts of bad people with the goal of one day getting Django’s wife back.


Jamie Foxx was surprisingly great, fantastic even. He does well as Django, the black bounty hunter. The only person who shocked me even more was Christoph Waltz and his likable role as Doctor Schultz. I’ve only really ever seen him in one other film, that being Inglorious Basterds. I thought the two actors had great chemistry and as an audience we feel attached to their growing relationship. I was also pleased by Leonardo DiCaprio acting in this. It was a refreshing new role for him and will make his future roles, when he returns to being the protagonists, will be even better. Samuel L. Jackson and Kerry Washington also did well, though their roles were fairly limited.

The story is interesting and unique. It sort of feels like several different stories put into one movie, which is fine, though a bit long. The movie does seem to fly by though, it keeps moving forward which is a good thing.

91291_galNow before I move onto the Cons, I would like to bring up the violence in this film. Is it excessive? Yes. Did I hate it? No. Tarantino provides a stomach turning world where sick monstrosities were done to a whole race of people. In this movie, we see slaves ripped apart or whipped. We see white men shot in retaliation for their slaving ways. Does this send the right message? No, but Tarantino and violence go hand in hand. If you don’t like that, don’t see it.


The movie is a bit on the long side, and it dragged a bit at the end. There is also nudity, one scene with breasts and two others show male genitals. One is quick and the other lasts a bit longer. I have said it once and I’ll say it again, but I have no problem with any of those scenes, but I know others feel differently, so I ought to bring it up. It does not really effect my opinion on the film, so keep that in mind.


Fun Fact: The role of Django was written with Will Smith in mind for the role.


14 thoughts on “Django Unchained (Film Review)

  1. Frigging loved this movie, very glad they didn’t give it to will smith in the end as Foxx nailed it. Waltz was still my favorite part of the film though. Nice review 🙂

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