Lawless (Film Review)


Three brother, moonshine and the law clash in this ‘based on a true story’ film that follows the Bondurant brothers and their rise and fall, so to speak.


I enjoyed the performances from many, Tom Hardy, Guy Pearce and Jessica Chastain in particular. I thought the story was interesting, though it dragged at points. The violence was entertaining and balance. By balanced, I mean that it’s not just good guys beating on bad and or the other way around. It shows that pretty much everyone gets their asses kicked. There were points where it could have been more violent, but they didn’t. Which shows restraint, especially since most movies kick it up to 11.


Believe it or not, but I didn’t hate Shia LaBeouf’s performance, I do think his personal life is a bit strange, but who am I to judge. The one thing I find odd, though, is that his accent in the movies seems to shift. In the narration it’s really thick and difficult to hear, but in the movie it’s closer to his normal voice. Was I the only one that heard that?

The violence might be too gruesome for some, and it’s definitely not a film you want young ones watching. This film also brings up my personal preference on nudity in film. Basically, I’m fine with it…but it has to be necessary. There are three scenes with prominent nudity in the film, and one is sort of dark in tone while the other involves one character seducing another character. Both those scenes I’m fine with, some might look and say, “Oh hey, bewbs,” but not me. The one instance where the nudity makes no sense and adds nothing to the film, is when one of the leads drives over to a house where violent things are happening. On his way there, he passes by a young woman who is running and scared, with her breasts flapping in the breeze. Why? It makes zero sense, lasts .003 seconds and adds nothing, absolutely nothing to the film. It’s like the director found out it was OK for him to do it so he decided, “what the hell.”

One performance that was lacking was Gary Oldman. It wasn’t that he was terrible, it was just that he didn’t really have enough time for anyone to form an opinion on him. Did we like him or hate him? I’m not too sure myself.



Fun Fact: Tom Hardy’s character was originally going to be slim, but he had to bulk up for The Dark Knight Rises.



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