Jack Reacher (Film Review)


Former military cop by the name of Jack Reacher is one man’s last hope after a violent mass shooting leaves a city terrified and the police looking for a quick solution.


This is a great story that was made into a good movie. Tom Cruise still has it. He breathes life into the character and makes you forget that he apparently looks nothing life Mr. Reacher. The supporting cast is good, not the best, but still worthy of being in a good film. The action is done well, especially since the movie is Rated PG-13. The story is a good one that keeps you guessing with enough action to make it enjoyable for all watching.


The main villain is never really given enough time to bloom into whatever they wanted him to be. He’s evil, but we never really learn much about him. We learn about his boss, but that still doesn’t help. It is a bit on the lengthy side, which isn’t too bad since it is filled with action and you do get the feeling that the movie is moving forward. The only the it really effects is rewatchability, it may be a long time till I watch it again.


Fun Fact: Tom Cruise did his own stunt driving.



4 thoughts on “Jack Reacher (Film Review)

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