Alter Egos (Film Review)



After superheroes lose funding, two low-level heroes are tasked with stay in a cheap motel to await a villain transport. While waiting, our hero, Fridge (short for refrigerator) meets a young woman who might just be the person he has waited for. He must also deal with the mystery of not knowing who killed his father, who was one of the cities finest heroes before he took his wife’s life and then his own.


The acting is surprisingly good for something that looked so low-budget. I immediately recognized Brooke Nevin, who many will remember as Rachel from the Animorphs TV Series. I’ll be sad if I am the only person that remembers that. Kris Lemche, who played Fridge is also worth mentioning as he did a great job. I mean this isn’t an Academy Award winning film, but it doesn’t try to be, which is good. I think Jordan Galland did the best possible job with limited resources, just don’t expect to be blown away.


I can’t even try to look past the terrible special effects, I mean they are pretty terrible. Many will find it boring, I did not, but many have told me that they hated it.


Fun Fact: Daniel Schechter did the trailer as a favor and in return Jordan did the music for Schechter’s indie hit, Supporting Characters.


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