The First Annual Bishop Awards


Welcome to The First Annual Bishop Awards! 2012 is coming to a close and I’ve seen quite a few movies from the year. Now with the year coming to an end, I’ve decided to recognize some of the best films, characters and actors that the year exposed us to. I haven’t seen all the movies of 2012, so if there is a person or film that you think deserved to be named, keep in mind that I might not have seen it yet.

Anyways, let’s get on to the awards!

SafetyNotGuaranteedBiggest Surprise 

Safety Not Guaranteed

Now this film surprised me with not only how funny it was, but how much heart it showed. It had great performances and a unique story, which helped keep it fresh and an easy film to watch again and again. I must say that Jake Johnson did steal the film, even though everyone else gave great performance, but you might be hearing more on that later. 😉

Runner Up

Jack Reacher – I was expecting a mindless action film, but instead I saw a mystery actually had some brains, if only just a little. Tom Cruise was in top form while the supporting cast gave good performances. I think the film also suffered from poor advertising. The first couple trailers gave me no interest in the film, though without those, it probably wouldn’t be runner-up for biggest surprise.

Best Actor

Daniel Day-Lewis 

Daniel Day-Lewis really wasn’t acting in any movie this year, I’m pretty sure he really is Abraham Lincoln. I mean, I can’t think of another performance that made an American icon into a real human being. I feel that now I know more about our greatest president and the fact deep down, he wasn’t a president, but a father and husband.

Runner Up

Joseph Gordon Levitt – This year Mr. Levitt played the president’s son, a cop and a gangster tasked with killing his future self. These all made for entertaining film. He was in another film, though I haven’t seen it.

Best Villain 

There’s always talk about who the greatest hero of the year, but who was the best villain? 

Bane (played by Tom Hardy)

People often compare Bane to the Joker and doing so will lead to disappointment. He was big and scary but you also see he had a heart when he saved a young child. I can’t think of anyone else playing Bane as Tom Hardy seems to be the only up to the physical requirements of the role.

91291_galRunner Up

Calvin Candie (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) – He’s only in the last half (if that) of Django Unchained, but he sure does leave a lasting impression. DiCaprio played the role well which helped make the owner of Candie Land the second best villain.

Best Actress

Noomi Rapace

I know what you’re thinking, what!? But hear me out. Rapace did such a great job in Prometheus that I can’t really imagine anyone else doing it. Sure, she isn’t Meryl Streep, but Rapace played a strong woman in a sci-fi film, a genre usually filled with terrified woman running to danger unknowingly. You still probably think I’m crazy, but that probably won’t change when you see my runner-up.

Runner Up

Aubrey Plaza – She isn’t the most attractive and she’s not in perfect shape, which makes her feel normal. I like normal and I’m sure other people do too. I loved her performance in Safety Not Guaranteed and I felt it was good enough to be runner-up.

Best Film

The Avengers

I know, I know, a superhero movie should never be the best film of the year…or that what the Academy Awards seems to say. I find it difficult to find any other film that was able to target several audiences and age groups and make for an entertaining couple of hours.

Runner Ups

Looper – An amazing sci-fi film that featured great performances and an interesting story gave me no other choice to pick this film 2nd out of all the movies I’ve seen this year.

Django Unchained – This might have topped the list had it come out even a month ago. It was highly entertaining and violent, but I still haven’t had enough time to let the film sink in. I still loved it, which is why this is in third place.


 Now, this really isn’t an award, but I’d like to recognize two awesome people who have been reading my words and leaving some of their own here at The Bishop Review. Misty from Cinema Schminema and Andy from Andy Watches Movies have each both left over 50 comments on my humble website. Andy has left 62 comments and Misty has left 80! They’re both great people who have two fantastic websites that I check daily, even if they haven’t updated (that’s probably weird, isn’t it?)

That concludes The First Annual Bishop Awards. I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope you leave a comment letting me know what you think. Thanks! 🙂


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    • Yeah, I think a lot of people were expecting a crappy movie, but most people I know like it just as much, or more, than I did.

      I should be thanking you for now leaving 63 comments for me to read and reply to.

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