WarGames (Film Review)


A young hacker comes across a simulation that simulates a War Game that puts the US military on the tips of their toes. The young man soon finds himself on the verge of causing World War III.


Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy both give good performances and the film’s story is very interesting, if not a little bit aged. I lived the outdoor settings as well as the look of the government facilities. The supporting cast is also pretty good.


It hasn’t aged that greatly, I mean the computers are old and the facial hair looks like it comes straight from a porno or a 70’s action show. This movie is better watched for nostalgia purposes.


Fun Fact: The beginning of the movie has a sign that can be seen, it reads “Anyone urinating in this area will be discharged”.


6 thoughts on “WarGames (Film Review)

  1. Come on, you don’t remember placing the hand held phone onto the modem to dial in? Or the fact you can win at tic-tac-toe.

    Actually I love this movie and don’t have a problem with it being dated. But you are correct, it is more for the nostalgia value.

    • Yeah, I enjoy the movie, but that might be because I watched it when I was a kid. Kids now probably hate it because it doesn’t have the super cool special effects and the computers look older than time itself. Today’s youth makes me sad, mostly because they the the newer Star Wars movies are better than the older ones. No amount of crying and reflection (on my part) will make me forgive those statements.

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