Sleepwalk with Me (Film Review) [1 of 200]


A struggling comedian in a seemingly perfect relationship, struggles with many problems. One being the fact that his routine sucks and the other being that he doesn’t want to be married, yet his long time girlfriend does. He soon solves one problem by writing more personal material that his girlfriend most likely would not like.


I quite loved the story, it was honest and relate-able in a way that not many films are nowadays. The acting was surprisingly good, especially from Mike Birbiglia, who also wrote and directed the film. I’m pretty sure the film wouldn’t have been as good without his heavy input. The supporting cast was also great, especially Lauren Ambrose and Carol Kane who both gave just wonderful performances. I like the style, where Birbiglia from the present pops in to narrate while driving.

I like that there really isn’t a villain. The couple has issues and problems but no one is at fault. It really is a story about two incompatible people trying to work it out and spend a life together. This subject really speaks to everyone and their relationships, be it with partners or even friends. We’ve all had points in at least one relationship where we’ve doubted something.


One could argue that there isn’t enough going on with the film. It’s not a life or death situation, just basically a look at one man’s life and how he had a relationship that wasn’t perfect. I find that they did this movie in a way that one won’t get bored, but some might get bored. Even if you get bored though, the film is only about 80 minutes, which is like a millisecond compared to most movies nowadays.


Fun Fact: Mike Birbiglia had to lose weight in order to play himself.


16 thoughts on “Sleepwalk with Me (Film Review) [1 of 200]

  1. This was actually one of my Top 5 films of 2012. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to see more from Birbiglia. The film is very Woody Allen-esque and very, very laugh out loud funny. Good review.

  2. I tried watching this one, but the problem for me was that I’ve seen the stand up special this is based off of many times (it’s one of my favorite stand-up specials of all time, I LOVE Birbiglia’s stage work) so it was a little odd to see it again in this format. That being said I highly encourage you all to try listening to the Mike Birbiglia station on Pandora

    • It wasn’t a movie I would have gone to the theater to see, but I was surprised with how much I liked it. If you get the chance to watch it, I’d recommend you do, but I don’t recommend you to go out of your way to see it.

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