Stolen (Film Review) [2 of 200]


After a heist gone bad, master thief Will Montgomery is arrested and forced to serve 8 years in prison. After finally getting out, he tries to get his life back on track but he soon (and I mean soon) finds that his dreams will not be fulfilled as his teenage daughter gets kidnapped by his old thieving partner, who is now severely disfigured. Unable to receive help from the FBI, Will is forced to do the unthinkable.


Nic Cage was brilliant once again. Now when I say brilliant, I don’t mean award worthy, I mean so crazy that it just plain works. The only other thing going for this was an epic ending, I can’t really explain it without spoiling the movie, but let’s just say that it was so bad it was good. I’ve never really wanted to go to New Orleans, but it made for a great setting in this movie.


Everything else about this movie was pretty terrible. The acting was decent, though like Cage’s work, it is pretty crazy. I think the worst thing about this movie is that it is named ‘Stolen’ because the first thing I think of when I hear that name is ‘Taken’. This movie is not a Taken clone and I think it’s poor name made people think, and fear, otherwise. Apparently, the movie was originally called Medallion, which might have served it better, if only for the less Taken-like name. Though, a name change would not have changed people’s opinion about the movie.


Fun Fact: Due to poor sales, this movie was pulled from theaters after 2 weeks.


11 thoughts on “Stolen (Film Review) [2 of 200]

  1. I just now realized the error of my ways. I didn’t realize before that you added a link of my review of this movie to related articles and I just want to thank you for that. Sorry it took me so long. I was very new to wordpress at the time and I overlooked it. So, thanks again : )

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