The Dark Knight (Film Review)


The Dark Knight is back and this time he must battle with the fearsome Joker. He must also ally with Harvey Dent, the DA, who is also dating Bruce Wayne’s love.


The film is dark and the story is epic, but it definitely carried by a haunting performance by Heath Ledger. Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine all gave great performances as well, but still Ledger is the shining star in this. Visually, this one is just about as dark as the previous, but I still believe it works for many different ages of people. These movies are pretty unique in the fact that they have little to no blood, though Two-Face might scare young kids.


There really isn’t any problems with this movie, which is probably why it’s considered one of the best movie in recent years. The film is a little long, but you probably won’t realize that on first viewing.


Fun Fact: This film takes place about nine months after the first film ended.


4 thoughts on “The Dark Knight (Film Review)

  1. Heath takes over this movie but the rest is just about perfect that I can’t complain a bit. However, Dark Knight Rises was better and I’m sure I’ll be seeing that review next from ya bud. Good review Austin.

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