The Dark Knight Rises (Film Re-Review)


Batman has disappeared for many years and Gotham is in peace times. Things are looking great until the dreaded Bane comes to Gotham to destroy the city and everyone in it. And only one person can stop him, the Dark Knight.


The acting was once again amazing. I would mention all the actors that blew me away, but I did that once before and my fingers hurt from typing. The action sequences are also very good and I loved the use of lighting overall in the film. The story might have been the best of the three, it’s an epic tale that shows the aftermath of a heroes fall from grace and his rise back from the dark depths of solitude. I also quite liked the ending.


People will compare Tom Hardy’s Bane to Ledger’s Joker which shouldn’t be done. Bane might not be as great of a villain as The Joker, but he still scared me in a way that many villains can’t do in a movie.


Fun Fact: Out of respect for Heath Ledger, the Joker is not once mentioned in the film.



6 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises (Film Re-Review)

  1. Bane is my all time favourite Batman villain. He’s got an amazing origin story in the comics and his intelligence is a tough match for Batman’s detective skills, not to mention his pure physical strength. I agree that we shouldn’t compare Ledger’s Joker and Hardy’s Bane, it’s apples and oranges. But I was really excited for this movie because of Bane, and he didn’t disappoint.

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