Revolution (TV Series Review) [Part 2 out of 3]


In a future where all the power is lost, a girl must travel with her uncle to save her brother from the dreaded Monroe army. Over the course of events, we discover that her uncle was once the Monroe armies second in command and that he was once best friend’s with the evil general. And other stuff happens, too.


The action is pretty good for a TV show and the same goes for the chaotic setting that I’ve come to love so much from watching it. The main plot and back-story is also pretty interesting.


Sadly, everything else is just wasted potential. The acting is just decent and some of the episodes are very, very boring, to the point that I called it my “review time”, meaning I would put the finishing touches on my queued up review. I must say the last few episodes before the winter hiatus were pretty good, though.


Season (to date): 3 out of 5

Meeting Prediction? No


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