The Do-Deca-Pentathlon (Film Review) [6 of 200]


Two brothers are extremely competitive, they have been since they were kids. Now that they’re both out of shape adults, they find themselves at it again, trying to finish a Do-Deca-Pentathlon.


The comedy to this movie is pretty good, but I’d say the actors worked better with the dramatic material. I liked the performances from the cast, especially by Mark Kelly and Steve Zissis. The Duplass brothers are great at making a movie feel as if it’s a snippet of an actual family and that there was life in the characters before the film and there will be life after the credits roll.


91431_galThis feels like it would be better as a television episode as the plot can’t really survive the 60 minute mark and I found myself getting bored. The camera work was pretty poor, to the point where the slight shaking really bothered me. The movie doesn’t really get good until the end when drama really ramps up, this is mostly because the comedy gets old fast. This really feels like a college film project, which would have been fine if the movie was released back when it was filmed, instead of a few years after, when the Duplass Brothers have finally hit it big.

00002Fun Fact: Steve Zissis is considered the Duplass brother’s “good luck charm”, which is why he has been cast in quite a bit of their films.




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