Abduction (Film Review) [7 of 200]


High schooler, Nathan Harper thinks he’s living a normal life, but when he finds his picture on a missing kids website, his life is turned upside down. Now, chased by the CIA and Russian killers, this young man and his female classmate must run to try to find any way of possibly getting out unharmed.


I like the story, and even though it’s been done before, it was just done in a fairly different way. The action sequences were pretty good, especially since this was a PG-13 movie. I found the supporting cast did their job well enough, Lily Collins and Jason Isaacs really stood out against the rest of the cast.

That facial expression basically cameo's throughout the entire movie.

That facial expression lasts till the credits roll.


2 words, Taylor Lautner. His performance in this was so stiff and painful to watch that he just ruined the film entirely. Now, maybe there’s a future for him in Hollywood, but with more performances life this, the chances are slim. Another performance that sickened me was from Sigourney Weaver, I mean what the hell was that from her? It appeared as if she had no care for the film, which pulled the film down even more. There was more wasted potential here than my high school graduating class.

00002Fun Fact: The first draft of the script was completed in two months.




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