Butter (Film Review) [11 of 200]


After being sidelined for being too good, a butter carver’s bitchy wife decides to win the competition on her own.  She soon finds the prize will be hard to get after a girl, with tons of talent and no real parents, decides to enter the contest. There’s also a stripper.


I like the comedy to this movie. Tyler Burrell is pretty great in it in, even though his role is fairly limited in the grand view of the movie. His situation with a prostitute (played by Olivia Wilde) is my favorite of the plot lines in the film. Though, I must say the best performance belonged to Rob Corddry, who played young Destiny’s foster parent. He’s funny and gives a great performance that is much different from any other performance I’ve seen from him.

The sub-story involving Destiny and her foster parents was also pretty interesting, though it contained less jokes and more heart. Which in many ways was nice.

This might be the funniest part.

This might be the funniest part.


Jennifer Garner sort of over-acts in this one, which is funny but it doesn’t work well when the film moves to more serious pastures. This is the second movie where she has landed on the cons list, but I must say she was funny in this one. It was just the serious scenes that weighed her and her character down. This is the kind of movie that might have been better if split apart. I mean the butter story (the main story) was OK but I think the story of Destiny overshadowed it to the point that you stopped caring for the butter comedy. The story with Burrell and Wilde was great, but I think they could have expanded on it more, to make it interesting.

The same goes for Destiny’s foster parents, they could have been expanded upon a bit more. I mean Alicia Silverstone and Rob Corddry had great chemistry and it could have been used more. The film also takes a few jabs at Republicans, so if you’re not into political humor, you may not like this one.

0003Fun Fact: Ty Burrell graduated Southern Oregon University in 1993, the school where my brother attends.


2 thoughts on “Butter (Film Review) [11 of 200]

  1. I love Wilde, Burrell, and Corddry, but am not a big fan of Garner so I was iffy about seeing this one. I might just give it a sot if I have the time, if nothing else for Ty and Olivia

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