Batman Forever (Film Review)


Batman is back, but with a different face. This time he must battle Two-Face and The Riddler, both maniacal men who wish to take over Gotham, if only they could get along a little more. Back against the wall, Batman recruits a young man by the name of Dick Grayson. Together, the two fight evil, as Batman and Robin.


The film took a lighter direction this time around, which didn’t damage this film too much. Though, it is harder for people over the age of 8 to watch. I find Val Kilmer provided a great performance, he didn’t try to copy Michael Keaton which worked in his favor. Many will disagree, but I liked Chris O’Donnell as Robin. He wasn’t the tight-wearing kid like in older Batman incarnations, though he was a bit whiny. The story was interesting and had to villains that were good, but mostly used as comic relief.


The using of villains as comic relief did bother me, but not as much as the introduction of nipple-suits, at least for Robin at this point. Why did they include them on his suit? Was O’Donnell really that cold? Anyway, I find that the nipple suit just make the film slightly even more cheesy. Many won’t like how this was made for kids, but this one wasn’t too bad.

0035Fun Fact: Michael Keaton turned down 15 million dollars to return as he did not like the direction that they were taking the film.


5 thoughts on “Batman Forever (Film Review)

  1. I didn’t like Chris O’Donnell as much as you did in this. Either way, Jim Carrey stole the show. I’m glad the most recent Batman’s have a darker time to them. Great review man.

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