Batman & Robin (Film Review)


Gotham has a new villain with tactics that are cold as ice. George Clooney Batman and Robin must save the day once again, though this time another Bat(girl) comes to break the ice. They must also fight Poison Ivy, who also suffers from a cold heart of her own.


This film has interesting scenery, it’s dark, but has a cartoony feel to it. Colors seem richer and more abundant, which differs greatly from the first two Batman films. Chris O’Donnell is OK in this, though there really wasn’t any actor that really stood out in this.


George Clooney doesn’t play Bruce Wayne, he plays George Clooney, who happens to be Batman. I mean, seriously, George Clooney as Batman? Yikes. Alicia Silverstone is OK, but the role didn’t feel needed. I mean, there were too many characters in this movie. There was Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze and Bane. Bane was terrible by the way. Mr. Freeze was only good because you can quote so many of his stupid lines. This is not a movie you watch to be blown away, that’s for sure.

000015Fun Fact: According to Chris O’Donnell, Joel Shumacher would tell the cast to remember that they were making a cartoon.


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