The Movie House Roundtable

Issy from The Filmster has a new feature titled The Movie House Roundtable. Check it out…and vote for me! 😀

The Filmster


Welcome everyone to my new feature on this blog brought to you by the one and only The Filmster. The Movie House Roundtable is where I invite fellow bloggers to talk about anything and everything about the film world.

This episode is called “The Pilot” much like a TV show the success of this first episode will determine the future for this feature, so please show support.

Now in this first episode I will ask a few fun questions to our guests and at the end you the reader will vote for who you thought gave the best answers.

Sounds like fun? Great, now lets introduce the guests…

I’m Mettel from Mettel Ray Movie Blogs and I originate from a small country of less than 1.3 million people called Estonia. My blog is my baby, I love writing and working with it, even though there’s no paycheck waiting for me…

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