One for the Money (Film Review) [14 of 200]


With no money and no job, Stephanie Plum becomes a bail enforcement agent. Her first task is to take down an old high school boyfriend/ex-cop who is accused of murder. Not only does this job pay good, but it gives her a chance to get back at the man who burned her, figuratively not literally.


There are some funny scenes in this movie, like Stephanie’s conversations with the prostitutes were funny. I didn’t mind the casting of Jason O’Mara as the ex-cop and I have the same feelings for Daniel Sunjata’s casting as Ranger, but more on that later. The story sounds pretty interesting.


The biggest problem with this movie is poor execution. The Stephanie Plum book series is a beloved fiction franchise that is read by millions, including my mother and my grandmother. The casting was also pretty poor. Katherine Heigl was a poor casting decision, though it really is hard to pick somebody for the role. According to my mother, Sunjata was a terrible choice for reasons I wasn’t really paying attention to. Overall the movie just feels like a joke and that they had no idea that this franchise could have made them millions.

000015Fun Fact: Heigl is actually wearing a wig in this because they couldn’t get her hair to look right.


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