Star Trek: Nemesis (Film Review) [16 of 200]


The crew of the Enterprise, led by Jean-Luc Picard, must battle a clone who leads an army of evil Remans. The crew battle an army so strong and large in number and anger, that it is uncertain if everyone will make it out alive. Also, there’s about one full hour of talking.


The special effects in this movie are quite good, even up to standards with some movies that come out nowadays. The acting was also pretty good. This was Tom Hardy’s second role and you could see here that he was a good actor. A huge surprise, though, was how thin he was in this, I’m used to muscular Hardy. Patrick Stewart and Jonathon Frakes were also pretty good, but fans of the television and movie series already probably know that. The story is interesting, and well done at points.


The movie felt a little long. There were some scenes that should have been cut or shortened because they didn’t really add anything. Hardy and Stewart had great chemistry which could have been expanded upon. The movie was just two boring, running at close to 2 hours, and by the time emotional scenes occur, we’ve been drained of all emotion from just being too damn bored. Way too boring.

00002Fun Fact: This was the last film Star Trek film to feature this cast.




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