Nowhere Boy (Film Review) [17 of 200]


A teenage John Lennon must deal with the loss of his uncle, the man who raised him, which leads to getting kicked out of school and his eventual rock band. He also wishes to reconnect with his mother, a woman who abandoned him when he was just a boy.


This film featured some powerful performances, particularly from Aaron Taylor-Johnson. While some could say Taylor-Johnson is too handsome for the role, I still found that he brought more to the role than other actors might have done. As far as the story goes, who doesn’t love a good J Len biopic? Has anyone ever called him J Len? No? Never mind, then. I am glad that this focused on only one aspect of one of Earth’s greatest artists. Sometimes movies get too cluttered trying to tell every part of a person’s life that it takes away from the movie.


The movie is not accurate and some of the differences are pretty glaring to Lennon fans. Most involve his relationship with his mother. Also, while on the subject of his mother, they really over-sexualized that relationship. There have been conflicting stories over how their relationship was, with some saying it was rather creepy, but other stories conflict 0035

Fun Fact: The Beatles name is never mentioned.



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