Gangster Squad (Film Review) [18 of 200]


To say the journey to see this movie was weird would be an understatement. First, when entering the theater, I found it odd that all the lights were on, I mean all the lights. Then, the screen froze on the silence your phone screen. It was stuck like that for over 15 minutes. Then the movie finally started, without showing one trailer. I was slightly bummed that I didn’t see any trailers, but in the end I was just glad to see the movie.


To take down LA’s biggest mobster, a group of cops leave their badges to wreak havoc Mickey Cohen. They must be violent, they have to play dirty, if they want to take out this ruthless mob boss.


I thought this film had a great cast that gave good performances. Though Sean Penn and Josh Brolin gave great performances. The action sequences are brilliant, some of the best I’ve seen. Ruben Fleischer really utilized different techniques when filming that kept those scenes fresh. The story is interesting, though it’s nothing original. The visuals were great, it really felt like they had stepped into a time machine. As far as modern gangster movies go, this one delivered.


The movie isn’t perfect. Ryan Gosling wasn’t too great, not terrible, but not amazing. I think the problem with some of the acting, is that many of the actors were just playing cardboard characters. Some characters lacked a soul. I find this film is being wrongly criticized for being excessively violent. This is a popcorn movie and I have no problems with the violence depicted. I don’t believe this movie glorifies violence as it shows that when violent actions are taken, sometimes both sides lose. It’s not perfect, I don’t regret watching this one bit.


Fun Fact: It took 3 hours a day to put Sean Penn’s make-up on.

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12 thoughts on “Gangster Squad (Film Review) [18 of 200]

  1. Thanks for the linkage Austin and good review, too. I had a very strange experience one time going to the movies with Chasing Mavericks, where there was no previews and the movie just started. Bad thing is, that moment was probably the high-light of the whole viewing-experience.

    • Haha, maybe it was a warning. I think it might be the last time I go to the theater I went to. It’s about 40 minutes from where I live and is no longer worth the trip. Especially since there’s a newer theater 35 minutes away that is pretty great.

  2. Glad you liked this too, thanks for the shoutout 🙂 It’s definitely no classic but it’s got the sort of energy and sense of fun that makes it fun to watch, even if it does occasionally take itself too seriously

  3. I was beginning to be put off by the negative reviews surrounding this one and so I’m glad to read such a positive opinion of the film. I’m looking forward to seeing it again now!

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