Saving Silverman (Film Review) [19 of 200]


Three close friends aren’t that great with the ladies. So they all think it’s great when one finally finds himself in a relationship. Little do his two friends know, but he is dating a bitch. So after drawing up an elaborate plan, the two friends put it into action in order to save their best friend.


I thought Jack Black was pretty hilarious, though he has been in a lot better roles. The movie feels and looks like it’s from the mid-90’s, but it is from the early 2000’s. This isn’t necessarily good or bad, just interesting. Steve Zahn and Jason Biggs were sort of funny, but nothing too special. The story was pretty good, at least it was funny.


The movie is incredibly stupid. It’s a watch once and never watch it again. There were scenes where I laughed, but many of the other scenes made me cringe. I wouldn’t recommend someone go out and buy this, but it might make a good rental.

0025Fun Fact: Jason Biggs is many years younger than Zahn and Black, which is funny since they all play childhood friends in this.


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