Announcement: Classic Movie Week (January 21-27)

7movies7 Days, 7 Classic Movies and 7 different writers.

For one whole week, The Bishop Review is looking back, back to a different time. I am pleased to say that six other writers have agreed to review six films. These films are all classics and many are still relevant today. I’d love to tell you the line-up for Classic Movie Week, but that would kill the fun, wouldn’t it? I’ll just say that the best have come to participate. Now, I want to keep this short and sweet, if only for the fact that I could write for ages, which is something I’ve already done.

Now if this sounds really interesting and you’re not one of the seven, have no fear! Asking six people was hard because there are so many people who I look up to and I want to work with everyone. That being said, if this works out well, I want Movie Weeks to be a common occurrence and I want a lot of people to take part. So I hope you come by tomorrow and see my review to officially kick off Classic Movie Week.


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