Classic Movie Week (Poll #1) [Results]

The results are now in for Poll #1 of Classic Movie Week and boy am I surprised! This was stuck in a 4 person tie for most of the voting period, but eventually, a winner came through. Now with the results.

At 13%, Humphrey Bogart finds himself in last place.

With 20%, Jimmy Stewart, Vincent Price and Jack Lemmon, are all tied for second place.

Marlon Brando can finally be declared the winner as he held 27% of the vote.

Now, what’s truly surprising is that the 4 person tie involved Lemmon, Price, Stewart and Bogart, then that tie went down to three and then out of nowhere, Brando surged past them all at the polls. If you did not vote, shame on you! 😛 If you’re still interested in voting, poll #2 will still be open until tomorrow. That race is just as close and I can’t wait to see who wins. I’m probably too emotionally invested in these…


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