Classic Movie Week (Poll #2) [Results]

The results are in! You have voted for your favorite classic film actress and now you can finally find out. I know, the suspense has been killing you.

With only 6% of the vote, Elizabeth Taylor came in last place.

At a mere 12%, Grace Kelly finds herself in 4th place.

Vivien Leigh ended in 3rd place, with 18% of the vote.

And then there were two, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. These two were tied until yesterday, when one finally edged ahead and left the other in the dust.

So without further ado, 2nd place goes to Marilyn Monroe who ended up with 24% of fan votes.

That means Audrey Hepburn came in first with 41%!

Thanks again for voting and I’m sure 41% of you reading this are really pleased. 🙂



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