The Usual Suspects (Film Review) [22 of 200]


After five career crooks find themselves in the same line-up, an alliance is born and the criminals find themselves backed into a corner by a guy named Keyser Soze.


This might just be the best mystery I have ever seen. It’s so well acted, especially by Spacey and all the characters are unique. You can tell each actor put in the necessary time to make their character feel real. The film is well-paced and there was never a point where I was bored, which is pretty rare.


I honestly can’t think of any. One problem I do have, is the fact that I don’t want to give too much of the film away. Who cares that it came out in 1995, I know some people might not have seen it and I don’t want to spoil all the fun. That’s the one thing I hate about mystery’s, I have a hard time talking about them because I fear spoiling a really good part. So, I will keep this review fairly short as I would rather have you enjoy the movie. 🙂


Fun Fact: These usual suspects took unusual cuts to their usual fees in order to do this movie.


14 thoughts on “The Usual Suspects (Film Review) [22 of 200]

  1. I’ve noticed that movies are usually better when the actors take a pay cut. They get so caught up enjoying making the movie that they don’t worry about what they are getting paid. That is when the true passion for what they are doing really shows in the final product.

  2. Good review Austin. That twist always gets people the most with this flick, but it still an intriguing, interesting, and unpredictable thriller that feels like it could go anywhere and most likely does.

  3. This film sits firmly in my all time top ten, one day i will watch once more and review it, but i want to do it so much credit its intimidating, its my waterloo! nice review. score is SPOT ON!

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