Brave (Film Review) [24 of 200]


Fearing that she will soon be forced into an unwanted marriage, a young princess accidentally turns her mother into a bear. She then must set forth with her bear-mother to reverse the curse before it is too late and she is stuck like that…forever.


The animation was pretty good. The story was good and pretty emotionally heavy with the daughter and mother relationship. It doesn’t play dumb for the children, though the main characters three brothers will probably make your young kids giggle. I can’t believe I just said ‘giggle’. Anyway, back to the animation. I felt that it looked pretty (did I seriously say pretty?), though at times if just felt fake. I don’t know how to explain it, there were just scenes where there was no fluidity to their motion. But those scenes were few and far between.

I liked the voice acting, which is inter-mixed with familiar voices and voices that are good, but unrecognizable. I didn’t find the Scottish accents to be annoying, as I think most of the actors were Scottish. I am sometimes annoyed when whole casts are doing fake accents that just give you headaches. But that’s not the case here.



Like I said, there were some problems with the animation. Also, I’m feeling like Pixar is off their A-game. First Cars 2, then this? The two movies aren’t terrible, but these are the same guys who did Toy Story, Monsters Inc. and The Incredibles. I hope they can soon get back on track with paving the way for innovations in animated film.

0035Fun Fact: This was originally titled, “The Bear and the Bow”.


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