Treasure Planet (Film Review) [25 of 200]


In the future, a young man embarks on a journey with a group of aliens to find Treasure Planet, a planet said to be filled with all the treasure that had once been stolen by an evil space pirate.


The imagery and voice acting are amazing…at time. Joseph Gordon Levitt and Brian Murray were great, but some of the other actors were just OK. The animation was good at times, but terrible at others. Some images blew me away while others made me sick to my stomach.


The beginning is incredibly boring, to the point where I was praying for my bladder to tell me I had to take a tinkle. I mean, I regretted turning it on. The end is nice, though, but I can’t imagine a child being thoroughly entertained for the duration of the movie. But what do I know, I’m not a father.

0025Fun Fact: The main character was based in part of James Dean.



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