Three Stooges (Film Review) [27 of 200]


After their orphanage becomes broke, Larry, Curly and Moe must save the day and rake up enough cash to save it. Instead, they find themselves trying to kill people or winding up on hit TV Shows.


It’s pretty funny, which I didn’t expect. The physical humor is superb and the three leads really embody their characters. It felt like you were watching an old episode from the classic series, at points. Luckily, the movie is pretty short and it is less story and more gags.


Sadly, other parts were terrible. The supporting cast was poor and really weighed the movie down. The story was silly, and at most points it was too silly. The movie was meant to be silly and stupid, but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t scare people away, because it did. I can’t imagine myself watching this again, and I probably would have been fine if I skipped it all together.

00002Fun Fact: The film has been criticized by the Catholic Church for its depiction of nuns.



11 thoughts on “Three Stooges (Film Review) [27 of 200]

  1. It wasn’t as terrible as I was expecting, but still pretty crappy regardless. My old man loved the hell out of it and I think that’s who this flick is mainly for: older men of that crowd as they will most likely eat the hell out of this thing. Good review Austin.

  2. Having grown up watching the black and white exploits (aka re-runs) of the original stooges I have vowed that I might watch this monstrosity when (and if) it ever shows on the telly. I will hold my hand up and admit to Three Stooges Snobbery. Nice review though! 🙂

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